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Avellaneda's collection is based on an image: the gradient of intense colours, from violet to orange, which I have always seen in Mediterranean sunsets and which translate my fashion idea. I like clothes to be instantaneous and exciting, an effect as captivating as the image of the sun setting behind a skyscraper or a cove. That is why I have always been passionate about intense, hard-to-define colours, which are the colours we see in the sky and in certain kinds of flowers. Moreover, in this collection I wanted to give another twist to designs that I came across intuitively and that are already essential classics of Avellaneda speak: from the tuxedo or the suit with extraordinary fabrics to gorgeous long dresses full of volume, vaporous or aristocratic, designed to cause the ultimate shock effect. In this collection, I have brought these two worlds together. In other words, what I present are my favourite garments in unforgettable colours. 
In Sunset Mirage, masculine and feminine, the elegance of the seventies and the communication efficiency of social media coexist. These are clothes to enjoy life and, especially, the night. In fact, I like to think that the sunsets that have inspired me are the prelude to those endless nights my imagination is imbued with. If life is a mirage, let it be a dazzling one.
Art Direction Juan Avellaneda
Production Esma & 080Barcelona