The first Avellaneda fabric collection is born from a collaboration with the textile publisher Güell Lamadrid and is called “La Garçonnière”. This collection will be the main one that the Lamadrid Group will be presented in Paris Deco Off, the most important fair for textile publishers from the 18th to 22th January.


The identity of “La Garçonnière” collection lies on its strong and masculine lines. Avellaneda has created it inspired by those men who have marked him the most, influencing him in his professional and personal life. That is why we can find in the collection several male names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca, Jacques de Bascher and even dedicating one of the fabrics designs to his partner. Summing up, men who have pursued their dreams and who have defended their thoughts and visions against the world.



The fabrics included in the “La Garçonnière” collection are:

Salvador: This fabric is inspired by Salvador Dalí and is central to the entire collection. The fabric surrealist identity is evident through the pattern and its 5 wonderful shades of color. It is a colorful print with the presence of several surreal elements such as: huge parrots and abundant vegetation and eyes in the center of flowers. It is a fearless and daring design, but at the same time very elegant. The fabric is 55% linen and 45% viscose.

Yves: Inspired by the designer Yves Saint Laurent, great reference in the world of fashion. It is a wool diplomatic stripe, one of Yves Saint Laurent’s hallmarks, who could usually be seen wearing suits made with this type of pattern.

Federico: The narratives of the poet Federico García Lorca have been a strong inspiration for the all the collections created by Avellaneda. This Jacquard has a marbled visual effect. This fabric recalls the first tuxedos normally used by Avellaneda.

Jacques: Jacques De Bascher, aristocrat, dandy and member of the Parisian jet set. His work is another great reference for Avellaneda, especially his new collection presented in Paris in January 2018. The fabric is 100% linen with subtle impressions of flowers.

Sergio: In the entire collection, this fabric’s name is the most important for Juan Avellaneda as it is inspired by the herringbone suits that his partner likes and that he was wearing when they met. It is a 70% wool fabric with a herringbone pattern.

London: This fabric is a Guell Lamadrid original, however Avellaneda created a completely new range of colours. It is velvet, one of the main fabrics used in the tuxedos of the Avellaneda collections.

Horace: This plain wool is also from the permanent GL collection. Once again Juan changed the fabric colour palette. This fabric that radiates elegance and masculinity is the origin of the entire collection and, from it, the Yves and Sergio designs were developed.