Editorial #2


"A study in contradicting paths"

At first glance, Avellaneda’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection is a study in contradicting paths. On the one hand, the materials (mohair, mouton, denim, nappa and Tuscany leather) evoke a sumptuousness rooted in the heart of nature, a rugged softness like the naked landscape featured in the campaign’s lookbook. On the other, geometric shapes are imbued with a cutting-edge flair, silhouettes superimpose without suppressing the body and minimalist finishes give voice to what truly matters: a discerning proposal from both an aesthetic and material point of view that underscores the values inherent in the brand’s DNA. Purity, feel, play, luxury and hedonism.

While last season’s Avellaneda collection evoked the Mediterranean paradise of the first forays into Cubism, this campaign dips into more enigmatic waters, like a journey through the Sea of Japan, with mysterious shapes emerging from the mist and an expectant feeling in the air.

Here, the aesthetics play with surrealism, with double entendres and materials and colours that are not what they seem. Excellence is paired with experimentation through a masculine colour palette that is at once severe and luxurious: camel, navy, white, red and grey. These share the stage with smooth tones and tartan, clouds and snowflakes. Like a leitmotif, denim returns in disguise: in this collection it takes the form of masculine and contemporary suede or Italian cloth. Cuts take the same path in a purely avant- garde spirit that is also purely 2016 aesthetics: palazzo pants, fitted silhouettes, slouching shoulders and varying lengths. This is the collection. A mental landscape full of mysterious paths and plays on the senses. Stolen shadows that become silhouettes. An abstract nod to the measure of man.

Photography Jorge Pérez Ortiz

Curated by Issue Ten Creative, Francesco Sourigues & David Vivirido

Model Xavier Serrano for SightManagement

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