Editorial #3


“Pray that the road is long”

“Pray that the road is long,” Constantine P. Cavafy advised his Odysseus. From ocean to ocean, the new collection from Avellaneda offers a global crossing that puts in at unexpected ports with a common denominator: lightness. From Japan where artist Kamisaka Sekka created subtle geometric strokes to the Cuba of white guayabera shirts and never-ending twilights via classic American sportswear and Mediterranean colours, the ensemble of pieces for summer 2017 proposes an exercise in peace and calm. Inhale, exhale for the materials to take position. Cotton, cashmere, silk. Duchamp. Hedonism in white, beige and blue. Oriental red. Asian minimalism and unlikely dialogues. Designs that ultimately speak sotto voce to not eclipse what really matters. The sun. The sea. The voyage.

Photography Jorge Pérez Ortiz

Curated by Issue Ten Creative, Francesco Sourigues & David Vivirido

Model Xavier Serrano for SightManagement

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