Editorial #1


"A summer evening in the Mediterranean"

A summer evening in the Mediterranean. Sun, sea, pine trees, cicadas. Picasso discovers Cubism in the shadows of trees and Dalí designs dreamlands inspired by the song of the cicadas. In a garden lost amongst pine trees, Alain Delon de La Piscine (Jacques Deray, 1969) watches as the hours slip away over rocks in a cove; a kaleidoscopic sea of blue unfolds under the June sun and the stress of urban life is washed away with every wave.

Like an invocation to relaxation, the Avellaneda collection for spring 2016 travels to the western coast of the Mediterranean and commemorates its outline with a series of pieces in which materials continue to play a critical role.

Silk and linen, worked with the delicacy of a summer fabric, offset leather. The colour palette goes back to basics: white, blue, earth tones. The silhouettes lengthen like oblique shadows to create casual garments: caftan-like long shirts, palazzo pants, jackets with wide lapels that play with the lightness of the fabric. Even the most formal attire –the suit, the tuxedo– is softened while preserving a masculine feel: simple cuts, precise patterns and relaxed looks for a hedonistic flair perfect for day or night.

In an era marked by homogenization, Avellaneda garments take the Made in Spain philosophy to its logical conclusion; every fit and cut are designed to optimise the qualities of natural fabrics, and each design has been created to stand the test of time and become part of a memory that will sometime serve to evoke an intensely lived summer.


Photography Daniel Riera

Curated by Issue Ten Creative, Francesco Sourigues & David Vivirido

Mode Xavier Serrano for SightManagement

Grooming Maria Martinez

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