Editorial #10


Pleasure-seeking dandyism and pleasure above all

Our destination is the most glittering nights of Paris in the seventies: those nights that kicked offwith reservations at La Coupole and ended on the dance floor of Le Sept, where a lucky night owl might bump into Paloma Picasso or Andy Warhol between neon lights, Pat Cleveland or even a distracted Salvador Dalí, guided by his personal Cicerone, the singer Amanda Lear. It was in those temples of nightlife where Jacques de Bascher made a name for himself; the most eccentric dandy of the disco era, muse of David Hockney, an inveterate aesthete responsible for sparking legendary rivalries between two of the most powerful men of the time: Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld. De Bascher represents like no one else the hedonistic and excessive Paris of the seventies.

Photography Bernat Pérez de Tudela

Model Juan Avellaneda

Art Direction Juan Avellaneda

Grooming Salón Toro

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