They say that there is a blank page as the origin of all creation. For the first collection of male jewellery that Avellaneda has designed for Rabat, this statement is literally true. The blank page is the origin of origami, and origami has been the main inspiration for a series of pieces that had no preconceived ideas on jewellery and what it had to mean, with the sole aim of exploring the properties of the materials and obtaining their very best version.

However, this is not a mere exercise of orientalism. The faceted shapes of the rings—a contemporary reincarnation of the classic seal—evoke Cubist geometries with three stones—onyx, lapis lazuli and coral—whose colour range Miró would have found most pleasing. In turn, the expressive energy of the materials traces a subtle line between the seas of Japan and the Mediterranean, a natural setting for the relaxed luxury that Avellaneda has showcased since its first collection. The purpose here is to rewrite the codes of men’s jewellery. Proposing, for example, unusual cuts and shapes, developed through a long formal investigation process, working hand-in-hand with the craftsmen at Rabat. Or imprinting a stamp of masculinity on haute jewels—rose gold, diamonds, precious stones—by using geometry in an extremely contemporary interpretation.

Avellaneda proposes bangles and wedding rings with polyhedral structures, a linked bracelet reminiscent of deco, and a collection of cufflinks whose stones, in a unique hexagonal cut, represent a challenge to the dictator of time. In summary, the jewellery line is an exercise in premonition, aspiring to create pieces that will remain even when fashions change and tastes are transformed. Avellaneda’s response to this challenge can be viewed in these pieces. Geometry, Mediterranean spirit, abstraction, luxurious materials and impeccable craftsmanship are thus the best allies so that today’s jewels continue to be the jewels of tomorrow’s man.


an_av_piramede_onix an_av_piramede_lapizlazuli an_av_piramede_coral


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